Game rules 4-5 players

How does a murder mystery game work? Read all about playing a murder game from 4 to 5 players.

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Aim of murder mystery game


Find the murderer by interrogating players, investigating clues and sharing information with other players.

Remember! Not every player can be trusted.

The murder mystery game consists of three rounds.

The End

Have you found a player without an alibi, with substantiated suspicions and clues? A player with traces at the place of the murder? Then you have found the murderer.

The murderer owns up after all players have received their final points.

App instructions mystery game


After each round, you give your answers in the app. Go to “Enter answer” and select the name of your character by clicking the arrow.

Have you entered all the character names? Click on confirm and see your results.


After each round you enter answers via the App. After input you receive points for every correct answer. Which answer is correct is not shown.

Total points of each player are adjusted per round in the scoreboard. After round 3 you see immediately who is the winner.

My role
Each player plays a role in the murder mystery game. Which role you play in the murder mystery game is stated in the app under “My role”.
There is also more information about Tips & Tricks. Tips & Tricks provides strategic advice about your role in the murder mystery game.
Enter answers

After each round you enter your answers in the app. Go to “Enter you answers”, select the name of your character by clicking the arrow. Have you selected all you all characters, press enter to confirm. Immediately you will see your score.

Explanation murder mystery

Summary of characters
Do you want to know which characters participate in the murder mystery game?
See “Overview of characters” in your case fill. You will see a passport of each character.

Proof that you were not at the crime scene during the murder. This proof is given when two characters were simultaneously at the same place, which is other than the crime scene.


After each round you score points for correct answers (see scores). The points scored can be exchanged for clues through the App.

Each player can request the following clues:

  1. House search
  2. Police report
  3. Criminal record
  4. Lie detector test
  5. Behavioural analysis
  6. Desk research

Requesting clues costs three points per clue, and they are subtracted from your total number of points.


Players who have the roles of ‘murderer’, ‘main suspect’ or ‘suspect’ have a motive for murder. The motive becomes apparent through the statements given and the answers to the questions in the murder file.


Only the saboteur has been given the task to mislead players. He or she possesses false information with which he or she can mislead players.

Each player receives a passport, which can be found in the App.
The passport contains personal details, such as name, gender, nationality, date of birth, height, shoe size and fingerprint.
The data are used in round 2 witness statements and round 3 traces.

At the crime scene 8 traces were found, of which each player has received 4. You may ask other players for traces which you do not possess. In this way you complete the series of traces and come closer to the murderer.

Tips & Tricks
In the App under subject “My role” you will find a list of Tips & Tricks for your role.
Useful tool to determine your strategy in the murder game.

Incriminating statements were made which supply a possible motive for murder. Confront players with incriminating information and discover his or her motive.


On the basis of the statements, Inspector Young Blood has drawn up a list of questions. Interrogate characters to clarify his or her role.

Murder mystery game roles

Do you play the role of the murderer, then it’s all about you. You know when, why and how you committed the murder.
There are traces, clues, statements and witnesses that can condemn you.
You have one mission: sabotage the murder investigation. You deliberately provide false information to the other players.
You don’t need to answer the question. You receive points when other players select your sabotaged.
If you the role as a suspect in the murder game, you will know the victim. You have no alibi for the time of murder.
There are statements and clues that identify you as a possible murder. However there are no traces on the crime scene to identify you directly too the murder.
You did not commit the murder
Main suspect
Do you play the role of main suspect in the murder mystery game? Then you know the victim. You do not have an alibi and there are statements and clues that identify you as a possible murder.
There is a signature and description sketches, provided by anonymous witnesses in round 1, that you look like. Some of your traces have been found on the crime scene.
You did not commit the murder.

Murder mystery game rules

Download game rules
Video introduction


Video start

Don’t feel like reading the rules of the game?

Check out the introduction video from detective Young Blood. He explains how to start your murder mystery game.

Video round 1

Have the players introduced themselves? Start round 1 of your murder mystery game.

Detective Young Blood explains.

Video round 2

Video round 3

Preparations for a murder mystery

1. Printer
Print the received murder file (double sided) in color on white A4 paper.
No option to print? No problem, your case fill can also be displayed on a tablet. Always use your smart phone to enter answer in the app
2. Smartphone

You need a smartphone with internet connection to use the App.

The App contains personal information and will keep your score during the murder game. See further explanation App.