A murder mystery game

Do you like riddles, gossip, and puzzles?
Then a murder mystery game is perfect for you!
Create your own murder mystery game, enter your number of players, and choose your character.

What is a murder mystery game?

A murder mystery game is played in a group of at least 6 players. Each player receives his or her own murder case with the corresponding information. The purpose of the murder mystery game is to find the murderer amongst the present players.
Each player receives his own murder case. Through the Murder Secret App,  detective Young Blood will guide you through the murder mystery game with his findings and videos.
Interrogate players and research the clues on the crime scene. But be careful! Not all players can be trusted. Some players lie and cheat because they have an ulterior motive.
Watch this video of detective Young Blood. He will explain more.

Our murder mystery games

Player reviews


Has played murder mystery game ‘Mayflower pub’:

‘Wow what an evening! I never had so much fun in playing a game with friends’.


Has played murder mystery game ‘Foxy Lady’:

‘We had a lot of fun in hosting a murder mystery game. A nice addition was the costumes.  Keep it up!’


Has played murder mystery game ‘The End’:

‘Hi Murder Secret, thanks for the wonderful CrimeBox. Documents are well designed and good structured.’


Has played murder mystery game ‘After Dinner’:

‘Hi, I did not know what to expect from a murder mystery game, but I’m a fan! I’m looking forward to a next murder mystery dinner.’