Murder mystery The End

The red carpet is laid out, the cameras have been adjusted and the spotlights are on. The celebrities can arrive any minute. Fans and journalists wait with baited breath behind the crowd control barriers. A limousine arrives with the first actors and actresses. They enter the theatre laughing and waving, not knowing what the evening will bring.

After a long wait she arrives, the star of the evening, leading lady, Hope of Holland. After a number of small supporting roles and good reviews, she now is a star of the big screen. A movie adaptation of the celebrated book ‘Couscous with strawberries’ is rumoured to become a huge success, so everyone is very excited.

After the movie there is an after-party, where guests enjoy music, drinks and canapés. Suddenly a scream is heard over the noise. The music is interrupted, everyone stops in their tracks. It is ‘Hope’, she has… she has collapsed. What has happened? Surely someone has seen something?

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Mariska Boer

Our Murder Mystery game was very fun and suitable for children! Childeren from 12 years can play alone, but under 12 can also be done with an adult!


We had a nice afternoon with the murder mystery The End. The excitement was increased by sharing the characters in advance. The game was probably better played if we would have known what the intention of a saboteur and main suspect is. Everyone thought it was cool to get the instructions via the app. We found our murderer.


After playing one of the other murder mystery games a few months ago, we were all looking forward to a second murder mystery. We had a very nice evening and it remains a nice concept. We did notice that the second game was more or less the same. Once you realize the idea, it just gets a little less fun. Don't know if we would play it a third time. Furthermore, there were a few minor mistakes in this murder mystery, which initially caused confusion: some timeframes were not quite right, an alibi had to be confirmed for a character, where a little later it turned out that this had to be a different character. That was a pity. Our tip would be to go through the murder mystery game just to check things like this. Furthermore, great concept and a wonderfully enjoyable evening of a murder mystery dinner party.

Bas Jacobs

The murder mystery game itself was fun, but there were some errors in the storyline, what made the game sometimes unclear. Also the clues in the final round were so clear that everyone had the murderer right, which was a shame.


We really enjoyed our murder mystery game. We played in two groups and almost everyone looked fantastic. It is important to prepare your murder mystery game well. We ended up doing the game for over an hour and a half. Highly recommended!

Bram Moras

The sequence of the murder mystery was unclearly to me. More things that were not entirely clear.

Joyce Van Hoof

It is a fun murder mystery game that takes you all the way. Before you know it, the murder seems nearby and and real. Nice experience!


Awesome!! Was a successful evening and not too easy to guess the murderer, the excitement remains during all the rounds. Sometimes the rules were not clear. For the saboteur was it not possible to separate false statements and tracks with the right ones. So the saboteur was quickly discovered.


Fun game! We had a lot of fun.


The murder mystery game is quite complicated, at least for a group of 13 year olds. Actually, the murder should be put down first. And then explain what kind of roles should be played. In the murder file was not clear what someones role is. Everyone understood the first round, but in the second nobody understood where the 'statements' came from and what we had to do with them. The third round clear. Working with the app is really fun. All in all we thought it was a little too unclear.