Murder Mystery Noble Blood

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After the death of Baron Marshwood, Baroness Sophia Alexandra Marshwood lives on her own at the Bettiscombe Manor. The Baroness has an active and social life, regardless of her old age. For instance, the Baroness has a number of administrative functions and is an avid gardener and painter.

Apart from her permanent staff (who take care of her everyday needs), the Baroness has two faithful friends who regularly visit her, and one son, one daughter and in-laws.

When the Baroness decides to organise a family dinner, everything seems to be peaceful and friendly. Until the next morning… when the cleaner discovers the lifeless body of Baroness Marshwood in the library.

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31 reviews for Murder Mystery Noble Blood

  1. David

    Very nice game we had a great evening! In advance it was not completely clear how to start the game, therefore the start was a little awkward, but that went better quickly. The game is fairly complicated because you do not know how all murder files look like (for instance what is the difference between a murderer file from the murderer or those who are involved), it is difficult to remove the ambiguities in advance. For example, I did’t know what I could and could’t say because I might betray my own role. It would help if you know what each murder file looks like. In addition, it would be useful for the murderer and the main suspects to have the ‘crime time’ part and traces on the crime scene on a different page.

  2. Rutger Van Stigt Thans

    Very nice concept, we played murder mystery Noble blood with new years eve and that was really fun. Some instructions are a bit complex, but once you get into it, it really makes you laugh. The included web app for the murder mystery works well. You can quickly find all the information.

  3. Shana

    Fun game! We have not been able to get everything out of the game, since printing of the files was not successful, so we missed important info that had to do with location. So at the end we had to gamble a bit. All in all we had a lot of fun with a murder mystery of Murder Secret!

  4. Tom Janssen

    The design of the murder mystery game is fun and challenging. Only now and then it is quite difficult to understand everything. Also the explanation is sometimes not entirely clear.

  5. Ellen

    It was a nice evening. The story and murder scene is great. The game is not so good. However, there was a lot of uncertainty, much is expected from the players without guidelines. Feedback would be; more guidelines; when do you say something / or not, who can talk and in what order. We would love to have more examples of how you could play a murder mystery. Update videos maybe with images of the location so you can have a better experience… All in all nice evening; but it was also fun together. Price / quality is not in proportion.

  6. Ilse

    We really enjoyed or murder mystery Noble Blood, we had a great laugh! The reason that it did not rank it a 5, is because round 2 was not entirely clear. Should we sit around the table and discuss within the group or individually. In round 3, the tracks could belong to two people. This was confusing

  7. Francis

    There were quite a few uncertainties with this murder mystery. I must say, we all played it for the first time. I would recommend to play it the first time with people who know how the game works. My advice: watch the video explanation in advance and not 1 by 1 on the evening itself. We had gave too much information in the first round, so that the other rounds were quickly played. There is information you should keep to yourself, in our case only or murderer knew that. I would have preferred more guiding. It was pretty loose now. So more in assignments such as: Take a private interview 1 on 1. So that not everyone hears everything.For a murder mystery you should enjoy playing a character. Perhaps our group was not so suitable.

  8. Thea de Gelder

    A murder mystery game is fun. Sometimes it is unclear which information from your murder file you should share and what you can keep for yourself. A slightly better explanation would be nice. It is difficult to think of a strategy if you have no idea how the storyline of the murder mystery will go, and what is important to know. If you do not know what could be important and what is to come, it is difficult to make your own story. The rounds should be more specific. For example, I missed a lot about the crime scene. Maybe something for improvement.

  9. Valerie Verbeeck

    Wonderful evening with murder mystery Noble Blood. We stayed in a castle for or murder mystery, a better location could not have been chosen. Everyone was aware of his/her character beforehand and dressed accordingly. Good explanation, nice story, highly recommended !!!

  10. Lise

    A complete activity for the evening. Nice with colleagues, friends and family. Thanks to the extensive murder file you can empathize well with your role. Highly recommended.

  11. Alette

    I really enjoyed playing a murder mystery game. The only thing we had trouble with was the spelling. There are many errors in the murder files. Furthermore, round 2 could have been explained more clearly. I would recommend it for other groups from the age of 16.

  12. Sterre

    Noble blood was a very nice and good murder mystery game, we played it with great pleasure. There were some comments about the game, such as spelling errors and some errors in the storyline. Furthermore, I would definitely order another murder mystery game from Murder Secret for a murder dinner party!

  13. Olav Raams

    A fun game to play with a group. Unfortunately, not everyone was good prepared, some hadn’t read his murder file. It was the first time we played a murder mystery game. The first round was a bit difficult. Never the less a fun game, we will definitely do it again.

  14. Gerdien Breems

    Very nice game! We enjoyed it, only round 2 may be a bit clearer to me. For instance do you read your alibi out lout or not?

  15. Margot Sturkenboom

    8 Smart girls of 13 years played the murder mystery game enthusiastically for almost 4 hours. “Covenants” were quickly closed. Videos and score’s between the rounds made it extra attractive. Really recommended.

  16. Carlijn

    We played murder mystery game Noble Blood with our group of friends. Everyone was very into his character and enjoyed it immensely. It is useful if you go through the game beforehand, so you know what to expect and how you should play. Afterwards it was only clear to me , on what basis the characters were main suspect/suspect (even though I had them all right). Also, the way you have to look for the right motif was not entirely clear to me. It is a super fun game and I really recommend playing with a group of friends once!

  17. Laura

    Was very nice to do! I would recommend it for smaller groups. We were 14 people, which gave us a lot of information and made it a bit unclear. In addition, I think an improvement can be made by giving the information for the roles saboteurs and murder before the start of the game. It would be useful if on 1 page is stated what is expected of you in round 1, 2 and 3. Now we were searching for the information. Nevertheless, we played murder mystery Noble Blood with great pleasure!

  18. Frank Marcus

    Great fun to do! It is true, when no one played a murder mystery before, it’s a bit of a puzzle before you comprehend how it works. But that is logical ….

  19. Caroline

    Very nice, but a little complicated when you play it with a large group. Filling in via app is very handy. Nice roles, we had a great evening.

  20. Moira

    We had a nice afternoon with murder mystery Noble Blood. Fun game!

  21. Mik Graaumans

    This murder mystery game is more for real actors. We are no actors, so for us it was difficult. What are you supposed to say? What is the purpose? Where do you fins your information? You have a murder file, an app, rules of the same and so on. If we had a described who should say what and when, it would have been more clear to us. The excitement around the game is fun, everyone in a suit and beforehand trying to figure out who the murderer is.

  22. Maria

    Our murder mystery game was fun. I can’t say much about it, because it was my first time to play a murder mystery. I have no tips or comments. It was fun!

  23. Heleen Overbeek

    I enjoyed murder mystery Noble Blood very much. We all did our best to dress up like our characters, which was a very nice addition to the experience. The only point of improvement is: the murder should be informed that he is the murderer. This caused some confusion (but perhaps this intentional, we are not sure).

  24. Nina

    This murder mystery game is well put together. The videos are handy and fun to watch together at the start of a new round. Possibly some sample questions may be added to the file to get the game going. All in all we had a pleasant and hilarious evening!

  25. Timmy Voorspoels

    Super fun game! It was a great evening!

  26. Sandra Budel

    We had a lot of fun at my kids birthday party. It was super well organized. Thank you! What I noticed during the game, is that kids don’t take the time to go through the file properly. I asked myself; how can I manage this better. It’s difficult to keep focus. These boys are 12 year old and energetic. At the party they couldn’t sit still for a long time. I thinks that kids must be a little older for a murder mystery game. My advice would be 14-15 years or so. We were ready within two hours as I speeded it up a bit, the kids wanted to play outside. They thought it was really fun and exciting. Greetings Sandra

  27. Mara

    We really enjoyed Murder Secrets murder game. The fun started with choosing your own character with the accompanying script and creating a matching outfit. The game is well-arranged and always starts with a nice video from the detective. Because everyone played with his own murder file, the game also remained exciting. Some point of improvement would be the explanation of the structure of round 2 and 3. A more detailed explanation of the rules would be desirable. I can recommend this murder mystery game to anyone.

  28. Matthias Van Hul

    We had a great evening! If the goal of the game is to make people, this murder mystery game has succeeded. However, people who like to play this game to win, may be a little annoyed by the gaps in the storyline. For example, players do not really know in detail what their alibi is and they cannot refute accusations of other players. Also, checking someone’s statements is often not possible. There are also some inconsistencies in the story here and there, which create confusion. All in all a we had a fun murder mystery party.

  29. Zwin College

    For us as organizers, it was really nice to hear that almost everyone (more than 60 people eventually took part) thought it was a great idea. Lianne

  30. Conny A.

    We played Noble Blood in Chalet Brakkestein. Great food and fun murder dinner. The combination with dinner makes it very original. Regards Conny

  31. Trudy

    Hello Murder Secret, we played Noble Blood with a lot of fun. The murder mystery game took longer than we expected. We played the game in more than 3 hours. We played the murder game during a dinner, each round one course. That is how we kept it organized. A advise! Use a timer for each round.

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