Murder mystery Holiday Park

Play murder game Holiday Park Bon Biní! In a hilarious way, recognizable situations are magnified in this murder game: from noise pollution to sharing sanitation. All the characters are annoyed in one way or another with Edward Asbo: a colourful person with special habits.

For example, Edward  lives in a mobile home from March till October, he likes the Dutch ‘Smartlappen’ music, he likes to drink a Heineken and every day he wears a tracksuit and flip flops. Yes, Edward  is a striking figure at Holiday Park Bon Biní.

One morning it is unusually quiet around Edward ‘s mobile home. After inspection by the park supervisor, Edward  appears to be lying dead in his mobile home. He is probably shot. Police are called to the scene, and they are investigating and questioning all the holiday guests involved. Who has killed Edward ?

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