Murder mystery Foxy Lady

Champagne, cocktails, opulent silk dresses, brilliant shows, and famous names: the Foxy Lady nightclub is the ultimate destination for extravagant drag queens and their friends of any gender.

Every weekend, hundreds of people visit the club. On the luxurious seats, underneath the crystal chandeliers, they feast their eyes, are the subject of scrutiny, and down hundreds of pounds worth of luridly coloured drinks.

The Foxy Lady has to maintain its reputation as the most exquisite drag club in the country, so the owner often invites the tabloid press to shows, parties, and contests.

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We had a great evening. Many players were dressed up and the atmosphere was nice. The murder mystery game with the story lines is well put together, as are the statements and questions that made it fun to interrogate each other. With 15 players it was complex to interrogate everyone with questions and statements. 3 Players managed to solve the mystery. It would be nice if after the game there would be another video clip with a reconstruction, because not everything was clear about how the murder happened. The app was ideal and also clearer and easier than the printed file. Especially the comparison of traces. We had contact in advance about how to organize a murder mystery dinner party. The rules of the game were clear, just a little more information about how you can organize the evening would be nice. We were very satisfied and had a nice evening. Kind regards, Michiel


I found the first round clear and easy to play, the second round was a lot more difficult because it was not entirely clear what we had to do with the witness statements.

Simone Timmermans

Hi! We had a fun evening with murder mystery Foxy lady! The start was difficult (just last week or group of players was completed, no one had the time to prepare ), during the game everyone became fanatic! In the end, pretty much everyone had the right murderer except me, haha! All in all, nice to see everyone in his/her character! Greetings, Goldie B Dazzled;)

Ilse van Oldeniel

Het spel was erg leuk. Het geeft even dat extra’tje tijdens een lunch of diner. Top: - je krijgt dynamiek aan tafel. - iedereen wordt fanatiek. Tips: - het is best veel leeswerk. - het zou handig zijn als er een soort van leeswijzer bij zit: wat moet je absoluut lezen voordat het spel begint; wat voor ronde 2 etc. - de ‘niet-passanten’ dus de verdachten/ hoofd-verdachten etc hebben wel een voordeel. We had a lot of fun with our murder mystery game. It gives that little extra during a lunch or dinner. Top: - extra dimension at the dinning table. - everyone was fanatic. My tips: - it is quite a lot of reading work. - it would be handy if you include some sort of reading guide: what you must read before the game starts; what you must read in round 1 etc. - the suspects / main suspects do have an advantage in the game.


Fun murder mystery game. Bit confusing how to start, but when we realized how we had to start is was very nice. One of us had the right murderer.


Fun and fascinating murder game for a family day, bachelor party or team outing! Recommended.

P. Bloem

A murder mystery game is fun and very suitable to play for a teambuilding activity. Especially the first and second round were fun. You play your own character and at the same time you have to search for the murderer. The third round with traces, was not really an addition to the game, because a good trace did not necessarily indicate murderer.


I played a murder mystery game with my colleagues on a Friday afternoon. Perfect way to end the week


Hilarious murder mystery game. Great service and on time delivery!

Patricia de Vet

We played this murder mystery game during our cousins ​​day. Everyone dressed "appropriately". It was hilarious. It took a while before we realized how we should play the game. Would definitely like to play another scenario again! We have really been playing for 2.5 hours.