Murder mystery Christmas dinner

Tonight’s host Mr C. King, bought recently a company “Win or Lose”. To welcome his new staff members, he and his dear family members are organising a Christmas dinner at Manorwell estate.

The mansion is, both inside and outside, lavishly decorated. A Christmas tree with thousands of lights stands prominently in the main hall. The stairs and doors are decorated with garlands and red-and-silver baubles. Outside, torches are burning and several fire pits have been made.

After the guests were welcomed and had their time to look around, it was time to go to dinner. The guests and family members took their seats neatly according to the table arrangement. But one seat was empty! The seat of Aunt Agatha.

Mr King summoned one of the servants to fetch Aunt Agatha. Less than a few minutes later, an icy scream echoed through the halls of Manorwell. Aunt Agatha lay dead in her suite, MURDERED!

Who had the opportunity and motive to murder Aunt Agatha?

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