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Murder Mystery

A murder mystery game is a party game for at least 6 players. Each player receives his or her own murder mystery file with information. You can find the murderer by interrogating players and solving puzzles.

The murder mystery game is played in three rounds. During the first round, players have to interrogate each other regarding alibis. If a player does not have a sound alibi, he or she is a possible suspect, put him on your list of suspects.

In the second round you interrogate players about incriminating statements contained in your murder file. Which motive does a player have for murder? At the end of the second round you draw up a list of main suspects.

The third round consists of finding the murderer. Do this by letting the traces left at the place of the murder lead you to certain characters. Which character does not have an alibi, a motive for murder, and has left traces at the place of the murder?

The duration of the murder mystery game depends on the size of the group. For a group of 10 players the average playing time is 2.5 hours.

You can determine the duration of the murder mystery game by setting time limits to the game rounds.

At least 6 players take part in a murder mystery game, with a maximum size of up to 40 players.

A murder mystery game costs £ 38,70 for 6 players. You pay £ 7,45 per player. This means that you never pay for people who don’t play.

In a murder mystery game there are 5 different roles: murderer, main suspect, suspect, saboteur and person involved.

No, there is no need for a supervisor when playing a murder mystery game. Each player receives his own personal murder file with information and rules of the party game. The player who has the murderer’s role knows the true story.

Requirements: printer and smartphone with internet connection.

In preparation for the murder mystery game, every player reads his murder file up to and including page 7.

You use your smartphone to verify answers, receive points and to request clues. See the explanation of the rules of the murder mystery game for more details.

You will find out what your character is in the app, see ‘My role’. You can play one of the following roles: murderer, main suspect, suspect, saboteur or person involved.

It is not possible to amend characters in your murder mystery game.

A murder mystery game can be played anywhere, if the players have prepared for it.

In general, murder mystery games are suitable for children of 12 yours old or older, depending on the development of the child.

Do you have doubts about the content of the murder mystery game? Then please get in touch with us.

On the ‘Murder mystery games’ page you can see which murder mystery games Murder Secret has to offer.

Murder Secret tries to offer a varied range of murder games. We continuously work on producing new murder mystery games, as well as party games in various languages.

Yes, Murder Secret has already been asked many times to provide murder mystery games for hen or stag parties. Murder Secret murder mystery games are not location-dependent. With the right disguises you make the party even more fun.

Yes, Murder Secret offers murder games for various groups. Per murder game an age indication is given. If you want to play a murder game during a family party with children, check the age indication or get in touch with us.

Murder mystery app

Yes, you need the app to play the murder mystery game.

The app is located at the top right corner of or download the app via the app store on your mobile phone.

The app contains personal information that belongs to your character in your murder mystery file. For example, in the app you will find a digital passport, a summary of characters and a scoreboard. Each round you receive new information about your murder case, which helps you in the murder investigation.

Go to and click on the button To the App. Use your file number, see first page of your murder mystery file, to access the app.
Enter the file number on the app and you will receive your personal information.
You can also scan your QR-code if you have an QR-code reader on you mobile.

Party costumes

It is not compulsory to order a party costume for a murder mystery game. Playing in disguise or in a party costume which fits your character can however contribute to the fun of the party game.

Party costumes for a murder mystery game can be ordered via the link you received by e-mail or directly when choosing your character.

Party costumes for a murder game can be ordered until three days before the playing date. If you live outside The Netherlands the delivery time of the party costume depends on the playing location. In that case please get in touch with us.

No, it is not possible to order another party costume than the one of your character. The party costume of the character is part of the murder mystery games.

Yes, party costumes are available in various sizes. The available sizes are given for each party costume.

Ordering & delivery

You can order a murder game through this website. Go to the overview of murder games. Read the summary of the murder games. Found an interesting murder game? Then click on ‘view’. Read, listen and see what detective Young Blood has to say.

Like a murder game? Then click on the ‘order’ button. Fill in the number of male and female players and the playing date. Choose whether you want to invite players to choose a character or choose character for players yourself. Continue your order by clicking the ‘next’ button.

Complete your murder game order by filling in your name and address. Choose a payment method:  iDeal, Banktcontact, Giropay, MyBank or Paypal.

The playing date of the murder mystery game is used to send information about the murder before the start of the party game. In the meantime, detective Young Blood gives updates about his findings, such as conclusions from the forensic laboratory.

Based on the number of players you entered, you receive a range of characters from which you can choose. Select your characters and Murder Secret will make a murder mystery game for you.

For each character you have an option to buy a party costume. So you can complete your murder mystery event.

You enter the e-mail addresses of players. Every player receives an invitation to take part in a murder mystery game. If the invitation is accepted the players can choose their own character and order a party costume.

Murder mystery games are delivered on business days within 48 hours and after payment. If you order on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you will receive the murder files on Tuesday.

All party costumes for a murder mystery game are collected and sent at the same time to the host/hostess. In general the party costumes are delivered 2 days before the playing date.

It is not possible to order party costumes if you wish to play the murder mystery game within 48 hours of ordering. If you live outside The Netherlands, we will need at least 3 business days to send party costumes. Please contact us for the actual delivery times.

Party costumes are delivered to the address given by the host/hostess


No, it is not possible to return a murder mystery game. A murder mystery game is a bespoke product in accordance with your specifications. When accepting the general terms and conditions of sale your right to cancel the product becomes void.

Party costumes can be return up to 14 days after purchase, on condition that they have not been worn and are still in the original packaging.

Return your party costume(s) by making use of the return form which came with the delivery. Did you not receive a return form? Then please contact us.

Did you return party costumes? Then you will be repaid within 14 days after Murder Secret received the party costumes, in accordance with the conditions stated, via the bank account number you specified.

You will pay the cost of returning party costumes yourself.